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Please read through the following statements to ensure you meet our online acceptance critera.

  • The property is your main residence, is occupied only by you and your family and not unoccupied for more than 30 consecutive days. It is self contained and lockable and is normally occupied at night.
  • The property has never been affected by subsidence, heave and landslip and is free from signs of subsidence, heave and landslip. The property has not been underpinned.
  • The property has never been affected by flooding and not within 200 metres of a cliff, quarry, sea, river or other watercourse or excavation.
  • The property is in good repair and will remain in good repair, is not due for demolition, or undergoing renovation.
  • The property is not used for any business purposes (including any communal access from business premises) other than clerical work. There are no business visitors to the property.
  • The property is built of concrete, brick or stone with a slate or tiled roof and is not listed and the roof is not more than 50% flat or felt.
  • The property has never suffered damage caused by trees or tree roots.
  • Excluding anything to do with criminal convictions, no resident has been declined or refused insurance, had special conditions imposed or had an insurance policy cancelled.
  • No resident has been declared bankrupt or received a county court judgement.

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Please answer all questions, disclose all relevant facts and make sure your answers are factually correct throughout this site. If not, you may not be covered in the event of a claim.

Please input the address of the insured property:

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  3. The above statements are true to the best of my knowledge and belief and apply to myself, the property to be insured and any other person to whom this Insurance applies.

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